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AI development is inevitable. Deployment is everything.

Artificial intelligence and automated reporting are here and will only become better and more powerful. How to deploy AI is the central question every news leader must answer.

Lede AI has been guiding news organizations in the deployment of useful and productive AI that keeps the control in their hands and puts their readers and staff first.

  • Be in 1,000 places at once
  • Publish instantly
  • Grow audience

Lede AI delivers new readers while you sleep

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Instantly on Your Site

Easy integration makes asset creation instant and painless.

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Crush Your SEO Goals

97% of inbound traffic is organic search, direct, or referral.

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Fill Your Reader Funnel

Add hundreds of thousands of new users to your funnel,

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Artificial intelligence in journalism is moving fast

Is the data reliable?
Does the output read beautifully?
How quickly can we publish?
Is it helpful and useful?
Is it easy to adopt and use?

How to bring Lede AI to your company

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Quick Consult

Set a time to talk with our team about your organization and the opportunities with AI you want to explore.

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Lede AI’s tech team works hand in hand with yours to integrate, test, and manage your launch timeline.

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Launch & Publish 

After a testing period, we launch and work with your team to measure results and assure success.

Lede AI was built in a newsroom

“What if we could cover every high school game in Ohio, faster than anyone, with 99.9% accuracy, while our newsroom was asleep? Would it help us deliver more information to readers?”

These were the questions we asked ourselves when Lede AI was founded and developed inside a tiny local newsroom in Mansfield, Ohio.

AI and automation in local news isn’t an “if,” it’s a “when.” The deployment of these tools is inevitable. How they are deployed and with what intention they are developed will be everything to the impact they have on democracy and civic information.

Local newsrooms and the communities they serve deserve tools built with the needs of readers, reporters, and communities in mind.


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