Founded and developed in a newsroom

Lede AI was founded in 2018 inside a small local newsroom as an experiment. Reporters, editors and product designers worked together with developers to build a tool that didn’t yet exist. Our goal was to cover more stories, faster, more accurately than we ever thought possible… and it worked.

Our roots inside a news company run through all the products we build. We focus on people, not robots.
Every decision we make centers on accuracy, usefulness, trust, ease of use and simplicity.

Our purpose is simple and massive: To guide our clients through a radically transformative time, and in doing so, give them the superpowers they need to serve readers and communities better than ever before.

Meet the Team

Evan Ryan


Jay Allred

Co-Founder, CEO

Paula Stranges

Chief Operating Officer

Jothi Panchatcharam

Senior Engineer

Zuri Birmingham

Sales Development Representative

Larry Phillips


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