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09 Sep 2023

Associated Press collabs with Lede AI to launch Knight-funded AI tool to automate police report production

A months-long collaborative AI development project between Lede AI and the Associated Press finally saw the light of day in …

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14 Jun 2023
Scoring Big with AI: Analyzing the Explosive Growth of High School Sports Reporting at Richland Source

The results from the 2022-2023 high school sports season are in, and they’re clear as can be. In every metric, …

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09 Mar 2023
Lee Enterprises Uses Lede AI to Publish Thousands of Game Summaries in a Dozen Markets

Nobody was talking about Chat GPT when Lee Enterprises automated a part of their high school sports reporting with Lede …

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13 Feb 2023
Forum Communications Choose Lede AI to Cover High School Sports in South Dakota

Lede AI is  excited to welcome Forum Communications as a new customer. Forum will use Lede AI to supplement and …

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18 Aug 2022
AI-Powered Sports Reporting More Than Doubled Audience For An Ohio Newsroom in 2021-22

Finally. As COVID receded, the 2021 – 22 high school sports season returned to a reasonable new normal. Games were …

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24 Sep 2021

Newsrooms that implement Lede AI are doing something pretty cool, we think, that goes beyond the analytics and the traffic …

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07 Sep 2021
A Small Newsroom Used AI To Drive 1,400 Visitors in 21 Minutes

We have done a lot of research and reporting on how audiences find and respond to auto-published high school sports …

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