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05 Sep 2019

Week 1 Is In The Books. How Did Ohio’s Richland Source Do?

Week 1 of the Ohio high school football season is in the books. We serve newsrooms around the country, but …

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01 Aug 2019
Three Tips To Bring A Crowd To Lede Al’s Crowdsourced Data

Lede AI partners with ScoreStream for the fan-driven real time data we use to power our high school sports briefs. …

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08 Jul 2019
How To Get Lede Al To ROI

Of all the questions we’re asked, this is the most frequent. “This stuff is incredible. How do we use it …

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30 Apr 2019
Lede Al Goes Live With Newsroom Artificial Intelligence, Built in A Newsroom

MANSFIELD, Ohio – Journalists can unite behind at least one theme, they were told there would be no math — …

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