24 Sep 2021


Newsrooms that implement Lede AI are doing something pretty cool, we think, that goes beyond the analytics and the traffic and the results. They are involving their readers — hundreds or even thousands of them — in their coverage because the fans are what drives the structured data Lede AI uses to cover high school sports.

Lede AI works with structured data from Scorestream. Scorestream is an app that puts the ability to follow and update high school sports scores in the hands of the fans who are at the game. Each real-time update goes through a patented algorithm that checks for accuracy.

One of the factors in the algorithm is how many fans are following a game and participating in the scorekeeping. More fans = more confidence = heightened accuracy = more game coverage.

We’ve developed a promotional kit for newsrooms / marketing teams to help build your corps of volunteer scorekeepers. Using it will you deepen your connection with schools while you invite athletes and fans to participate in your coverage.

The promotional kit includes…

  • Printable fliers

  • IAB compliant ad units for your web sites

  • Editable Photoshop and InDesign files

  • Social media graphics

  • Tips for use and distribution

  • All the assets can be customized with your logo / branding

Tips for distribution

Personalize the printable fliers with logos and provide them to schools in your coverage area.

A personal visit is the best, but they can be emailed as well.  Involve booster clubs, athletic directors or secretaries, school leadership, and athletes. Fliers posted in concession stands, locker rooms, and cafeterias will put you closest to the athletes and their families!

  • Insert a link in your footer text that encourages readers of your coverage to download the app. Here’s an example.

  • Use the ad units we’ve provided around sports content on your site.

  • Build the included QR code into a house ad for print products.

  • Write an announcement that you’re including fans in your coverage. Link to the download.

  • Use the social media graphics to post to branded social accounts.

We hope that this is useful to you and your newsroom. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. If there’s something missing, let us know!

We have also included a link to a feedback survey. We would love to hear how your experience with Lede AI has been thus far!

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