Professional and high school sports reporting at scale

Lede AI writes hundreds of unique news briefs in seconds and publishes them to your website automatically. We use thousands of human-written variations so your content never looks the same and reads beautifully.

  • Be 1,000 places at once
  • Publish instantly
  • Grow audience

Are there more games than you can possibly cover?

Of course there are. And with each missed game, your newsroom misses the opportunity to serve hundreds or thousands of passionate audiences that care deeply about what will happen, and what did happen. Each missed game reduces your relevance, erodes audience share, creates a coverage gap, and makes your work less valuable to audiences and advertisers.  Lede AI fixes these problems.

Lede AI rebuilds the foundation of a sports department

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Accurate Data

Our data sets are the deepest and most scalable in the world. High school football through the NFL, we cover it for you.

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Lightning Fast

Sports reporting is breaking news. It loses value with each passing minute. Only Lede AI moves at the speed of a newsroom.

Easy to Read

Every piece of content has been edited and perfected by our team of AP award-winning writers to reflect the quality you expect.

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Sports reporting powered by AI grows users. A lot.

There’s no way to overstate this: Adding Lede AI sports coverage and broadening coverage areas creates an audience-acquisition machine.

Nothing drives subscriptions like high school sports coverage.  In some markets it outperforms all pro sports coverage combined. In our test market, Lede AI put 265,000 new users into the subscription funnel.

Our test market saw total users, new users and sessions rise between 100% – 200% when combined with traditional reporting. They expected an increase, but this was much more than they imagined.

Adding AI grew high school sports from 9% to a 20% share of the site’s total users for the period.

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